An Unknown Future

Hello, my small beans.

This will be my last post for this class, but not my final post forever. I plan to continue posting my work onto this blog in the future, but my summer is busy. I will try my hardest to post when I can.

Until next time, here is one of my favorite pictures. ❤


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awake, light

school, animals, noise

everyone’s awake, everyone’s asleep

stargazing, animals, silence

asleep, darkness



Day-Night CW

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Eyes are Closed

The eyes are now wide open. The world becomes bright, but that’s okay. This is a time for the light to teach new things. A world full of adventure to explore. Soon, the world darkens, which means no more adventures. The eyes will close, whether you want them to or not. The light is now gone.

Darkness is now the focus.

Inspired by: Eyes Wide Open

Created by: Thought Wonderland

I chose this piece because, to me, it shows that one thing could lead to another. That anything could interrupt the peace, and that anything could happen. I also liked how the author worded everything; used imagery to give an example how it’s like, so the reader could feel the same thing that they are feeling.

Old Love

There was an old lady names Ruth. Ruth liked to knit. She made a bold red blanket out of a special red yarn. Ruth made this blanket for her husband George, as he was always cold.

One morning, George was rushed into the Hospital. He has ingested some expired coffee creamer with his coffee, which made him very ill.

Ruth rushed to the hospital as quickly as she could. She went into his hospital room with his red blanket. She gently covered George with his bold red blanket.

Ruth reached into her purse and pulled out a CD. She took the CD out of it’s case, and placed in into a DVD player.

The CD played Ruth and George’s wedding tape. She was in a beautiful long white dress, which made her look like a princess. George was wearing a black tuxedo, which made him look like a prince. They were dancing together while white rose pedals were floating in the air. It looked like something you would see in a fairy tale.

George smiled and began to sweat. Ruth reached into her purse and pulled out a hand fan. She started to fan him, and then he fell asleep.

The nurse came into the hospital room and turned off the lights, but left on a pyramid shaped lamp on which glowed up the area the machines were in.

Ruth smiles at her husband and then falls asleep.

Floods of Tears

Sadness is a feeling.

Everyone feels it at one point,

but I feel it all the time.


Nothing seems to make me happy anymore.

I cry a lot, always cold and pale.

Feeling worthless

My head pounds and my stomach aches.

My eyes feel bloodshot.


My bedroom is a cage that is flooding,

I can’t escape this horror.


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Realization of Love

You shine bright,

you give me life,

you are my light,

but you hurt, just like a knife.


You make my body shake,

you give me a chill,

but you’re as sweet as cake,

oh, your love is a thrill.


I get high off your love and affection,

you make my chest burn,

you give my heart and brain an infection,

I can’t believe that I gave you another turn.


So as long as we are apart,

I can finally regain function into my heart.


Weak Wood

so much depends upon

an old wooden pier

rotting above the water

outside in the middle of nowhere

Photo Credit: Me ❤

Poem inspired by, The Red Wheelbarrow; by William Carlos Williams.


Luxurious Leaves

He collapses onto the soft green grass. Leaves are falling all around him. He smiles, with his white sparkly teeth showing as the sun beams over him. He rolls around, grasping a pile of leaves and tosses them above him. He laughs and glances up to the sky. The white puffs of clouds cover the sun. He frowns. He stares off to the ground and smirks. He twirls around and collides into the big pile of leaves that he created with his bare hands. He rolls over onto his back and glances up towards the sky. The sun is back and is brighter than ever. He laughs once more and places a hand onto his chest.


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Colorful Countryside

It’s a warm summer evening, and I stare off into the bright green field. I glance over, seeing a male, maybe in his early 20’s, strutting in the grass. Each step that he takes, the grass tumbles below his feet. He looks up into the sky, the sun is setting, showing its gorgeous colors of pink and blue, just like cotton candy. He smiles, showing his perfect pearls. He continues to bounce in the field, until he fades off into the distance. IMG_4236

Photo Credits: Me ❤